Welcome to Ankeborg's Playground
Ankeborg's is a large online gaming community that hosts a number of game servers. Servers for games such as, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, America´s Army and of course our most popular server, our RPG server for MTA Vice City.

Ankeborg has been around for 2 years and has become the best and most popular RPG server on MTA. We currently have 670 members on our forums and the community is growing daily.

We have a fantastic member base and a dedicated admin and beta team to help Ankeborg's continue to rise above all the rest. We are constantly improving the servers and community to bring you the best RPG Vice City has to offer.
Open DM server (2006-11-23)
- by Kalle.Anka
Ankeborg have open up its DM server for public. Enjoy
SA-MP (2007-01-17)
- by Seifer
Ankeborg has opened its gates leading into San Andreas. The scripts are incomplete. But, where better than to get together than in the thriving State of SA while you wait for Mantis to hurry up and finish coding the scripts!? At this time, the server has 32 slots, and is strictly RPG. Play by the book of real life... >> IP: samp.abgames.net >> Port: 2005 -- Enjoy!
Hacker from Argonath (2007-04-05)
- by Seifer
Yes, it's true. They have come, in their server's name and cast evilness upon thy server. I shit you not. A Brazilian, who we know to be Lets, joined Ankeborg's SA-MP in order to hack. "[Lets]: stop seding hacks in argonath otherwise we will destroy you serv" Need I say anymore? No. Fuck it. I got more to say. I have on me some joinage logs. Let's reveal. [join] =AVt=Wayne has joined the server (10: .. .. .. [join] LETSDANCEBURGERS has joined the server (10: .. .. .. [join] Lets has joined the server (10: Now if that quote, above, isn't in the name of Argonath, I don't know what is. It's obvious RON sent him. Seems to me too that Ronnel sat it out, but didn't object. It's like: "See no Evil, Hear no Evil". Well, I can see them plotting against us now. How to get Ankeborg to crumble.... Let's be the good guys, and not strike back. It's about time their true colors begin to unveil themselves. Are you reading this post from Argonath, and find the previous paragraph to be, wrong maybe? Well, two can play. If in future you want to go on the facts alone in any given inter-server conflict, then I'll be happy to once I'm satisfied you are complying. If you want me to flame your goddamn server like hell fire, and go on what my mind is edging towards, which would not based on REAL fact or evidence, then yeah; I have wild imagination, and keeping up what you've been doing to date, will be enough for me to continue on this path too. Choice is yours! When RON stops reporting his opinions and making them look like they're actual fact, then I will do likewise. Most of the headlines he writes are twisted and full of shit. Fact is fact, and opinion is opinion. The fact is tonight, an Argonath member launched an attack on us, and did it for his own server, as the quote clearly shows. That's all we truely know. Argonath, you get this one for free, as an example of what I'm talking about. Seif.