What's RP

RPG is a special gaming script for GTA 3 and Vice City. Its meant to be real life. Text that has been underlined is the most important, but please read whole page. RPG can be so much fun, but only if everyone play by the book. That means that killing for \"fun\" and without a proper reason isn't allowed. Revengekilling ( = Someone killed you and you want to kill for revenge) is NOT allowed! Although, killing is allowed in some situations:

Cops are allowed to shoot back if they are attacked by others. ALL other skins are "civilians" and should run away if attacked.

In "gangwars" (usually Robbers and Mexicans in gangs) participants are allowed to kill each other, but NOT innocent players. Please ask permission from admins to start this kind of \"gangwar\", they need to be strictly supervised.

If you "hire" a hitman (a rent-murderer,) the hitman is allowed to kill people for the player whom hired him, but NOT for no reason.

Of course, if you kill a player by mistake, by eg. driving him over, just apologize to him, this can't be avoided.

The main idea for RPG is, that people should play like the everyday in their life. You can drive taxi, open a virtual shop in the game, push drugs, or force the laws and speedlimits in the game. The possibilities are incredible. Just make them up yourself :) But ramming into other people cars is not allowed if it's done repeatly. The server has a RPG script set up, which helps making the RPG-game more fun with commands. The commands are in the MOTD (Message of the day) And can be read from the MTAClient.On the server, there is also a banking system, which allows you to send and receive money from other players, and deposit your funds on your own bank account with PIN code.

Carjacking isn't allowed in the game, as it is annoying to get your car stolen. Not even robbers are allowed to hijack cars. Cops are the only ones who can hijack wanted people. If you need a car, pick up a vacant one, instead of taking a car occupied by another player. Police cars, Enforcers (SWAT vans), FBI Ranchers and police helicopters are for cops and ONLY for cops. Civilians aren't allowed to use these vehicles. There are no military vechiles in game