The skins and their lifeways

The Vice City Crusader is a big misunderstanding by many people, is that they think the he is is a soldier. In RPG the Vice City Crusader is NOT a cop, nor SWAT, nor a soldier, hence they are not allowed to kill, or use military or police vehicles. The Vice City Crusader is wandering around the town looking for action, or pushing drugs at the harbor.

The skin Secret Service is usually a lawyer or some kind of a businessman, leagal or not.. Secret Service is NOT a cop, nor FBI or any special cop group, so they do NOT have any rights that police has. Usually Secret Service is selling stuff (the world is huge, so are the warehouses of the SS!). The Secret Service wants sometimes to serve people by working in clubs, guarding places and stripping.

The Sailor skin, is meant to be some sort of mafia organization. They usually form a gang, sell drugs, and stealing vacant cars on the streets and sells them for money. The big ship is their headquarter, and there is often huge gangwars around it. It also happens that the sailors is dealing drugs or cars with other gangs in the city. There are pirates too, watch out for them, they are usually in a need of a mental hospital.

The Robber skin is undoubtly the most popular skin. These guys are the troublemakers in the city. The Robbers way of living is selling cars illegal on the street, making bloody gang-wars, or push drugs. The Robber is NOT allowed to jack cars, nor to kill, even though he is a robber. The Robbers are mostly speeding, and getting in trouble with the officers of the law.

The Mexican is a very popular skin as well, they are spawning at the airport, and are usually making low-payed jobs, like driving taxi, being driver for a gang, or starts a pizzaria. Although, they can trip at the wrong side of the law, by pushing drugs, speeding or joining a gang. The Mexican is a very universal kind of skin, that can do many things.

The Cops are the really hard guys of the city. They're the lawkeepers, ready to jail the other skins for messing with the regulations. They have four different bases around the city, which has police cars, and big enforcer vans. The Enforcer is used for ramming into big gang wars. Mostly the Cops are patrolling the city in the cop cars, and usually two together, which makes it easier to arrest people. The Cop skin is the only skin, thats allowed to shoot back if attacked. Cops can jack wanted people. Read the guide in how to jail lawbreakers below.