Police chase and jail guide

If you are a cop, and eg. see a player going way over the speedlimit, or make other kind of criminality, you can chase him and activate the sirens, use !suspect command and tell him to pull over if he doesn't stop by himself. Then you can do 3 things. You can give him a warning if he acts nice, you can give him a fine on a fair amount of money, or you can take him to jail if he wont obey you, or resisting to pay your fine. If you want to take him to jail, tell him to go into the police vehicle as passenger. If he won't obey you, you can hit him ONE time with the nightstick and say it again.

If he still doesn't obey you'll be forced to kill him which is okay in this situation, but first find out if he doesn't answer because he is away. If he obeys, and gets in the car, you drive him to the main police station at Washington Beach. Then you tell him to go into the \"jail\" or detention cells in the basement. When he is inside a cell, type !jail <nickname> 2. 2 means two minutes, which is enough for just traffic offences.

And remember, if you have surrendered, you cannot run away!